Severe Storms Hit Pelham, Georgia

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Pelham residents are still in shock as they survey what's left of their home. Severe storms ripped through the small town Tuesday afternoon.

Samantha Baggett's home suffered severe damage.

"We come around that corner right there and I just like stopped. I was like, oh, my gosh! I didn't know what happened,” she said.

And that's what many residents are saying as they pick up the pieces, shocked that something could do so much damage so fast.

Craig Bryan is helping with the cleanup and commented on the damage,

"I thought maybe a sheet or two of the roof had blown. I didn't think it'd be too bad. That don't happen around here."

Residents say this storm had a mind of its own. At one house there are pains of glass untouched, unbroken. But just a few yards away across the street there's a house that lost its entire roof, and owners say it could be a complete loss.

James Willis' home suffered severe damage in the storm.

"All of a sudden they heard a sound, looked up. A lot of them seen my roof going. They say it was about a five second thing. It was there, boom! It was gone."

Parts of the roof were found scattered down Highway 19, and stuck in neighbors’ trees. Residents face a long, daunting task of cleaning up, but say they'll pull together and get it done.

The storm report shows wind damage in Moultrie, Tifton, and Cairo. We also heard a home in Ochlocknee lost its roof. Luckily, no injuries have been reported.