Tallahassee Man Accused of Kidnapping

A Tallahassee man is under arrest, accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl he met online.

He contends he was trying to prevent her from committing suicide, but she told deputies he asked to have sex with her.

Squad cars descended on a home on Woodhill Drive Tuesday night looking for a 13-year-old girl reported missing in Texas.

"Outside of my window, I saw three sheriff's outside interviewing the neighbors, I didn't really think anything if it," said neighbor Melissa Owens, "but I just can't believe that. We've only lived here for about a year and I didn't really know him, but it's still a shocker."

Under arrest is 29-year-old Gil Raimundo Cancel Comas.

Deputies say he'd been chatting with the girl online for nearly a year and decided to go get her.

Cancel Comas told deputies he was trying to stop her from killing herself.

She told them he asked to have sex with her at a motel along the way.

"There was indications that he possibly tried or had talked to the child about that and there were conversations on the Internet, which were sexually oriented. However, at this time, there's no indication that sex in fact did occur between the two," said Leon County Sheriff's Office Spokesman SGT Chris Chase.

Cancel Comas is enrolled at FSU where he has worked tutoring high school and college students.

Deputies are now checking to be sure his conduct there is above board.

Cancel-Comas actually dropped the 13-year-old off at the police station before his arrest. Deputies say he realized the girl had phoned her mother from his home. Detectives tell us the girl is now awaiting a ride home.