Teens and Car Insurance

Some teens are putting a dent in insurance rates. Seventeen-year-old Sally Vanture has been involved a few accidents in the last month.

"I'm really concerned about people running into the back of me now because it's happened to me twice in the last three weeks. It's just not really safe because I know that not everybody is a real safe driver, because everyone thinks they are but their really not," says Sally Vanture.

The crash rate for teens is four times higher than for adults, but there are some measures teens, as well as parents, can take to insure safety and lower insurance rates.

"Join their parents' policy that makes a lot of difference sometimes. I think you'll find that if you put your name under your parents' name, the premiums will be cheaper. There's a lot of things teens can do to keep the rates down for insurance," says Guy Cockrell.

For example: maintaining good grades, driving inexpensive cars and keeping a clean driving record.

"We don't have that much experience, especially because teenagers seem to think that we're good at doing everything, but we're not really good at it," says Vanture.

Insurance agents tell us the more time teens devote to safe driving; the more experienced they'll be on these busy roads. Another way teens can save on premiums is to enroll in a driving class at any of the Leon County public schools.