Animal Cruelty and Human Violence

Serial killer Ted Bundy admitted to torturing animals as a child, while Jeffrey Dahmer staked cats to trees and decapitated dogs.

For local veterinarians, extreme animal cruelty is something they have to deal with. Unfortunately, it may not stop with the animal.

“If you're doing this to an animal, is there abuse in the home, there are many studies out there that link animal abuse to child abuse,” says Dr. Scott Richardson, a local vet.

In one survey 118 out of 135 criminals admitted to burning, hanging and stabbing animals as children, and since the 1970s the FBI has recognized the connection between serial killers and early animal abuse.

“It could be social bearing, or for control or power over something,” says Richard Ziegler, Animal Control Director

Local veterinarians, Animal Control officers and law enforcement agencies say work together to identify extreme animal abuse, but help from parents and aware citizens are needed.

Intentional animal cruelty can be a felony with a sentence of up to five years and $10,000 in fines. In just the one animal hospital we visited Friday there were two cases of extreme animal abuse.