MIddle School Threat

Officials with the Lowndes County school system say a student at Hahira Middle School wrote the threat on the bathroom wall sometime before school on Tuesday.

In the threat, the boy said he would bring a gun to the school on January 16, which was Friday. Because the boy signed his name to the threat, he was questioned by police and school officials, but everyone involved determined there wasn't a serious threat.

Parents say they are most upset that they were never officially notified of the threat.

"They said they had a police officer come and speak with the kid and when that happens, there's something really going on that the parents need to know about. You have a child in the school, so you really need to know about what's going on," says Patricia Camion, parent of a HMS student.

Dr. Steve Smith, superintendent, says, "Fortunately, in this case, we has enough time to do a thorough investigation and once we could find no credibility in the threat, we didn't see any reason to notify parents. Because that would simply alarm them for something we really felt like was not a serious threat."

The school board did bring in extra patrols from the Hahira Police Department and the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office Friday just to help ease any concerns.

The parents Friday said they would be speaking with school officials on Tuesday, and if school officials can ease the parent's minds and guarantee safety, the parents said their children would return to class as early as Tuesday.