Former Wakulla Teacher Sentenced for Sexual Assault

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It’s been a year since Quinikiya Thomas was arrested for sexually assaulting a student.

She was initially sentenced to three months probation but after numerous violations, prosecutors were back in court asking that she be sent to prison.

Sounds of desperation as Quinikiya Thomas and her family plea for forgiveness from the judge.

Lynderia Jefferson, Thomas's mother says, "I ask you your honor please have discretion and don't take the mother away from these young children".

Almost a year ago Thomas admitted to having sex with a Wakulla High student four times.

She had sexual interactions on 4 separate occasions, 3 times in his driveway in her car and one time on the archery drive off Wakulla Road", said Katy Ray, Prosecutor.

Prosecutors pushed for up to fifteen years in prison, saying Thomas already violated court rules 18 times.

But Thomas's family asked the judge for a second chance, saying Thomas is a changed woman and needs to be home with her children.

"She would be better utilized in society with her kids, than in lock up", said Nathaniel Maxwell, Thomas's Uncle.

The judge ultimately decides to sentence her to one year of community control followed by four years of sex offender probation.

Attorneys say Thomas will not be convicted of a felony, but her case falls under the Jessica Lunsford Act, meaning she must follow all sexual offender rules including wearing a GPS monitor for the next 4 1/2 years.

Prosecutors say if she breaks her probation she could face a minimum of fifteen years in prison.