Celebrating the Legacy

For years celebrations honoring the civil rights leader were few and far between, but this year is full of new beginnings.

The song says it all. They've come a long way. It took almost a year and finally the Wakulla County Christian Coalition is leading the community to it's first ever Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration.

“It's about love, faith, prayer, the word of God, and most of all, we love Wakulla County,” says Delores Nelson, W.C. Christian Coalition President.

This comes just weeks after new signs were posted on the side of Lower Bridge Road in Dr. King's memory, a compromise by county commissioners who we're asked to rename the entire road, but received flak from many locals.

“If they do change it permanently to MLK Boulevard where we have to change our address, we will keep our mailbox down,” says Lea Rowland, who is against MLK signs.

Mike Stewart, the Wakulla County Commission Chairman, says, “Will it change in the future? I don't think so. We hope it will be known as MLK Memorial Road that's what we want to recognize it as.

It's what Janice Randolph wants too as she waves to a caravan of cars passing by.

“Especially for me because I live on Lower Bridge Road. I want to thank Christian Coalition, Commissioners and Community,” says Janice Randolph.

A community still divided on some fronts, but joining hands for its first MLK holiday celebration.

While commissioners say they've reached a compromise, the Christian Coalition says it will still continue its effort to rename Lower Bridge Road to Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.