Utilities Prepare for Cold Snap

With near record low temperatures forecast for the weekend, people are sure to be cranking up the heat. That could mean a power overload for local electric companies, but they don't seem worried.

The good news is that the cold temperatures are expected over the weekend, so schools and many businesses will be closed and not using so much heat, but that also means more people will be home, pushing up the thermostat.

Talquin Electric has about 53,000 customers throughout the five county area and they aren't expecting a power overload.

Officials say it's been about ten years since the cold weather caused major power problems for them and they've upgraded their systems since then.

Talquin says it will have all its crews in early Saturday morning just to have them on hand and ready if something does happen. The company says right now it has no notification from its power supplier, Seminole, that they will have any problems.

Meanwhile a City of Tallahassee spokesperson says they aren't too worried about power issues either, but they are prepared for the worst.