FAMU's Check-Cashing Snafu

With recent financial woes at FAMU, school leaders were quick to find the glitch. Friday, Florida A&M University issued 6,000 net checks to students, which is basically left over money from grants or loans.

Tuesday, when students went to Capital City Bank on Appalachee Parkway, “A young lady came out and said ‘anybody trying to cash FAMU checks?’ Five or six of us raised our hands and she said ‘we're not cashing them,’ says a FAMU student.

This student, who wishes to remain anonymous, said she wasn't surprised and figured it was FAMU's fault. She wasn't alone.

“So therefore, I'm running around just like everyone else, trying to figure out what's going on. Still haven't cashed my check yet, because the line is so long in there,” says Jarvis Mays, a FAMU senior.

The problem revolved around a change in the authorized FAMU signature on the check, a problem FAMU leaders are relieved to say was not they’re doing.

“Because of the delays in the internal processes of the bank, students were not served in the way we would have liked. The bank has assured us they are moving to remedy the situation,” says Love Collins, FAMU spokesperson.

A spokesperson for capital city bank says the confusion has been cleared up, and FAMU students can cash their checks at any of the locations in Tallahassee. They say this will not be a problem in the future.