Local Buses Vandalized

Buses are rolling again at Deer Lake Middle School after vandals slashed tires and smashed windows over the weekend. A tally Tuesday estimated damages at nearly $20,000 and that means if the vandals are caught, they'll face felony charges.

This was the scene Monday at Deer Lake Middle School, 18 school buses became the target of attack. Tires slashed, windows broken, and who knows why?

"There's no way to tell what's behind it right now. It could be that somebody is mad at the school for whatever reason or it could be somebody just with nothing better to do on a weekend."

A woman walking her dog first noticed the damage and the district was able to repair the buses Monday. That meant students were picked up on time Tuesday morning.

Crisis averted, but there's a $20,000 repair bill to pay. Vandals slashed tires on 18 buses. You can imagine with tires this size at several hundred dollars apiece. That adds up.

"Citizens pay a lot in taxes and they expect us to take care of their property. So we need to send a message that we're going to do that and we're not going to tolerate anyone coming on campus and destroy property."

School resource officer Elethia chase says if and when the culprits are caught they'll face felony charges. She and another detective began interviewing students Tuesday morning.

"Kids tend to talk. Hopefully once we start talking to the right kids, we'll get some information on it."