Lowndes County Book

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After spending most of his life living in Lowndes County and working as a history professor, Dr. Joseph Tomberlin is sharing a passion for history and the area with a new book.

"I had an opportunity to spend several months going through the photographic files of the Historical Society and found a lot of interesting things, some very good pictures."

Image of America: Lowndes County is the name of the book Tomberlin wrote on behalf of the Lowndes County Historical Society.

Donald Davis of the Lowndes County Historical Society said, "It comes in our 40th anniversary. It's a very special present to the Lowndes County Historical Society."

With about 120 pages of local historical photographs, these images will take you back it time.

Davis added, "You learn the dynamic of the past that has made your present and the present is also making the future.”

As for the humble author, Tomberlin said, "I hope it reaches everyone. Of course, local photographic histories don't become best sellers, but I hope to sell a few."

This book is part of a series of local history books published by Arcadia Publishing. Tomberlin was formerly the head of the history department at Valdosta State University.