FDLE Trying to Reduce DNA Backlog

By Julie Montanaro
February 16, 7:25 p.m.

A backlog at FDLE is prompting the agency to try to limit the number of DNA samples coming in the door.

Thousands of samples are waiting for analysis in FDLE labs, with detectives statewide waiting for the results.

So FDLE is starting a new program to teach law officers how to pre-screen items they collect at crime scenes and submit only those with the best chance of DNA matches.

"Give us those items that really have the most probative or most valuable evidence for us as we're doing the analysis and in turn, the evidence coming in is going to be a manageable number and we can therefore process it more quickly and return the results to them in a short amount of time," says FDLE Spokeswoman Heather Smith.

FDLE is conducting the training with a handful of sheriff's offices with hopes of ultimately expanding it statewide.