Possible Record Low Temps in Tallahassee

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With temperatures expected to drop into the low twenties many people were rushing to stores to purchase heaters to combat the cold weather.

"We have been selling a lot of heaters, lot of portable heaters and the faucet covers," said Tim Hutchinson, the Assistant Manager at Home Depot.

"It probably get about 16 [degrees] at my house where I live at. That's the difference where I live at," said Jimmy Stewart, a resident of Perry, Florida.

Low temperatures are nothing new for Jimmy Stewart whose home lies along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

"I seen it for bout 40 years. It gets cold," added Stewart.

Proper instillation can help prevent some of those chilling winds from creeping into the house.

"When they freeze what would happen is they expand and they can pop and when they defrost water's going everywhere," added Hutchinson.

Sealing up your windows and covering exterior faucets and pipes are a few measures to help keep your home warm and lessen the chance of having damage expenses.

"I'm trying to snuggle down with everything and get me some heat and keep everything from busting," said Stewart.