Volunteers Make a Difference in Tallahassee

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It's part of a community wide event focusing on service.

These busy bees are building a deck and planting flowers, creating a peaceful place for disabled members of Tallahassee's Ability First.

"This is going to be a very accessible area, a real natural area and accessible so they can enjoy it", said Judith Barrett, Executive Director, Ability First.

Volunteer Leon and community partners are hosting the sixth annual "Make a Difference Tallahassee Day", providing people an opportunity to see the changes they can make.

Amanda Phillips is a volunteer and says, "They learn about the issue, they learn about the organization, they learn about the different ways to get to the involved in the community".

More than 300 people are lending a hand at 22 different sites in the Tallahassee area, all with one goal in mind, to make a difference.

"It's been great I am having a lot of fun giving back to the community, it's a great experience", said Heather Rief, volunteer.

Students are giving back in a variety of ways. Some are elbow deep in suds with cute pups, while others scrape mold and paint a local child care center.

"I think I am making a difference because the people that work at the day care don't have time to paint or clean the sign, so I think it makes a happy atmosphere for the kids", said Jenny Bartels, student volunteer.

At the end of the day these volunteers truly are making a difference.

Volunteers also worked at local food banks and the Salvation Army.

Folks will meet after completing their projects to reflect and celebrate at the Lincoln Neighborhood Service Center.