State Workers Upset Bush Budget Includes No Pay Raise

Advocates of state workers are saying in the past two years pay raises have come from the legislature, and after hearing what the governor had to say Tuesday, it seems this year will be a repeat.

Tuesday Gov. Jeb Bush touted a big bonus for top performers in state agencies, but for the third year in a row, he proposed no general pay raises for state workers.

"Our budget has grown, but the number of people working in state government has reduced," says Gov. Jeb Bush.

Jeaneatte Wynn works with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, and would like to see at least a 10 percent raise for state employees.

"Compared to their pay and compared to the economy, two percent is not great," says Jeanette.

Ben Patterson is an advocate for state workers in Florida and says at average state workers in Georgia make over 32,000 yearly, while state workers in Florida make only 30,000.

"Retirees get three percent on July first on every year, where as state workers have been forced to get a raise of two percent or two and half percent, when the year is half done, that doesn't seem right," says Ben Patterson.

Jeanette Wynn says that in the past two years state workers have only received a two percent raise, and those raises weren't proposed by the governor, they were granted by the legislature. Now, state employees will just have to wait until the legislature comes back this spring to see if they will get any kind of pay raise this year.