Governor Stops in Thomasville

A stop in Thomasville was part of the governor's four-city tour to unveil Georgia's newest equipment to handle manmade and natural disasters. Perdue wanted to inform Georgians of new homeland security initiatives. Perdue says homeland security is a responsibility we've taken on at home and at all levels in this time of uncertainty.

The group of law enforcement agencies and emergency response units that came together Wednesday afternoon is a vivid example of the purpose of Gov. Sonny Perdue's four-city tour.

Perdue wants the government to work together at every level to ensure public safety.

"Local government, state government and federal government. Federal obviously is charges with defending internationally and while our troops are doing a wonderful job overseas. Sept. 11th taught us we can be harmed here at home," said Gov. Perdue.

To be ready for any disaster, Gov. Perdue says it's important to have good relationships and resources. He showcased new equipment and robotic bomb response units, one to be located here in Thomasville to serve the southwest Georgia area, all from a grant from the federal government.

"The state of Georgia has a plan to have fully equipped bomb units strategically located around the state so that the GBI can make a response to any bomb instance within an hour period," says Vernon Keenan, Director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Gov. Perdue says he'd like to get the message to Georgians that they can depend on their local levels of emergency response units, and to ensure public safety. Together all agencies are prepared for any crisis situation that may occur in the future.

GBI officials also stated that it is important especially in rural areas, like in our area, to have agencies work together because they may not have the sufficient resources to handle every situation alone.

The governor also told the media that citizens can expect new laws on child protection, and more workers out in the field for the Georgia Department of Family and Children from this year's legislative session. As for the economy, the governor says he's working to turn it around through the creation of more jobs.