Juveniles Held Responsible for String of Robberies

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A string of robberies ended with a crash and the arrest of two juveniles.

Tallahassee police say it all started at about 11:20 Sunday evening on the 700 block of North Woodward Avenue. Officers say a man was attacked by three black males, one armed with a handgun.

Police say the suspects kicked and punched the victim and fled, taking the victim's wallet and cell phone.

Later, around 11:40, the suspects were at the parking lot of the Circle K located at 2683 North Monroe Street. Officers say they attempted to sell a laptop to a young man for one thousand dollars. The victim allegedly paid, and placed the laptop in his car.

According to police, one of the suspects then took the laptop out of the victim's car and placed it in their car and attempted to flee. Officers say the victim then jumped in the car of the suspects, and caused them to crash.

Tallahassee police soon arrived at the scene and apprehended two of the suspects, one 16, and the other 17. They are being charged with robbery and grand theft.

Tallahassee police say they found a cell phone in the suspects' car and the victim from the first robbery positively identified the cell phone and the two suspects. Investigations are ongoing linking the suspects to other crimes, with more charges expected.