Bond, Retrial Sought for Kappa Fraternity Brothers

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A number of motions were heard Monday for two fraternity brothers found guilty of hazing.

Jason Harris and Michael Morton were sentenced to two years in prison for their role in the hazing of a Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity pledge in February of 2006.

Families for both Harris and Morton have hired appellate lawyers to argue, letting the two out on bond pending the outcome of the appellate process.

Attorneys are also asking circuit court Judge Kathleen Dekker for a new trial.

"Based on how she answered certain questions and the way she asked questions, I feel pretty confident they may be able to get bond pending appeal," said defense attorney Chuck Hobbs.

"This judge is going to follow the law. Wherever the law leads her, that's where she is going to go," said assistant state attorney Frank Allman.

Dekker will take the arguments under advisement and plans to offer a decision on Wednesday.

Appellate attorneys Michael Ufferman and Beverly Pohl argued the term "serious bodily injury," as stated in the Florida felony hazing law, is too vague.