Boy Attacked by Dog Talks

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Six-year-old Cody Dixon was playing in his front yard. He said he tried to pet neighbor's dog, and that's when the attack began.

"The dog jumped up and bit my face and my mom came running out and saw my face. Blood was pouring down all over."

Cody was rushed to the hospital. Now he has 11 stitches on his face.

Holly Morris is Cody's mother and said, "The kids had been playing with him earlier and it didn't seem to be any threat to the kids or anything, but it kind of shocked us."

While Cody's family was surprised by the attack, the director of Leon County Animal Control says dog bites are common. In fact, nearly 500 "bite dogs" are quarantined in Leon County alone each year.

Animal Control says just last week a dog attacked an 11-year-old and is the focus of a dangerous dog investigation.

Richard Ziegler is the director of Leon County Animal Control and said, "Everybody should be cautious of stray dogs even those that they may think they know, because you never know how the dog is going to react.”

For now the chow and lab mixed dog that attacked Cody will be quarantined and monitored for ten days at the Leon County Animal Shelter, after which time the owner can bring the dog back home.