Drug Bust at a Bait Shop

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Leon County deputies netted thousands of dollars in drugs and money. This was significant bust for the Sheriff's Office, thanks to a concerned citizen the drugs are off the streets.

The Bait Emporium store located at 3475 Geddie Road is the perfect place to find crawfish and other lures for fisherman.

But Leon County deputies say the owner, Patrick Barriball, has been reeling in customers with a different kind of bait: marijuana.

SGT James McQuaig said, "This investigation come to fruition as a result of a two-month-long investigation involving undercover operations, surveillance and citizen information, anonymous tips and called in complaints that illegal activity was taking place."

During a search of the place deputies found several guns, more than $23,000 in cash and four and a half pounds of marijuana, some of it hydroponically grown.

It’s shocking news to those who came in contact with Patrick Barriball.

Dee Herrin said, "I met him once and he seems like a nice person. You wouldn't think anything out of the ordinary."

Weser Khufu added "I've been coming here probably the last couple of years. He's never open. I just took a gamble. I told my wife I was coming here. I was just getting ready to go fishing and I just took a gamble coming over here."

Investigators say now Barriball's luck has run out, thanks to some concerned citizens who wanted to put and end to this one stop shop for bait and drugs.

The suspect is now on the hook for possession of marijuana with intent to sell. This investigation is still ongoing, and Barriball could face more charges.