Still Dropping off Trash at Landfill

Leon County officials say they're trying to address citizen complaints about garbage dumping at the landfill. The county says people can still drop off their trash at the landfill, but most of it is not going to stay there.

Some living close to the landfill say they thought it was going to be closed, and that may happen, but in the interim, the landfill location is still opened for garbage drop-off, but most of the landfill is closed.

The landfill off of Appalachee Parkway once looked differently than it does today.

"The landfill is still open. The change that's been made is no trash will be buried there," says Jennie Khoen.

"For the average citizen dropping off trash, at the landfill, there's absolutely no change. We're simple taking the citizen's garbage to the transfer station where it will be transferred to a landfill in Jackson County, rather than buried here," says Jud Curtis.

But not that long ago, citizens complained and the county reacted.

"The county received complaints about trash being buried there, we looked into it, and realized it was very small amounts. To alleviate concerns, we felt it was important to transfer it to Gum Road," Jennie Khoen adds,

The landfill is still able to take class three garbage as well.

"We'll also keep taking bulky items, class three type trash. We will continue to do accept that kind of waste," Jud Curtis says.

There are also four more rural drop-off sites in Woodville, Fort Braden, Miccosukee and Blount. Some neighbors say they heard the landfill was going to be turned into a park. There is a consultant looking into what it would take to turn the landfill into a regional park in phases. That report should be done next week.