New Hospital Facility to Be Considered in Gadsden County

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Their doors closed more than a year ago, but with the need for better health care facilities in the area, the Gadsden Hospital Board continues to meet, looking for the best solution.

"We met Friday with some of our legislative delegations, they made some suggestions to us that we felt strongly enough that needed to be brought to the hospital board for their consideration," said Joe Sharp, the Gadsden County health consultant.

Suggestions include building a brand new health care facility, where the state would foot the bill.

"It is a welcomed opportunity to have more than one option to look at. We are still looking at the legislative possibilities of getting the critical access back for the present facility, but we are also happy to have an opportunity to look at possibly getting a new facility, and the needed health care that we need for Gadsden County," said Brenda Holt, Gadsden County Commission Chair.

But board members say in considering the new possibility, it's important to continue moving forward with plans to reopen the current facility.

"Obviously, we have an existing track where we have been pursuing a management company to manage the current hospital and that's one track we intend to continue to pursue" said Sharp.

The issue will go before Gadsden County Commissioners Tuesday night, where they'll decide whether to take the state up on their offer.