First Female Mayor

The city of Monticello is known for its quaint stores and historical buildings, and now the city has a new bit of history to add to the books.

For the first time in history the city of Monticello has a woman as mayor. This woman is no stranger to politics and now the city is buzzing over their new leader.

Julie Conley has been serving as the Monticello city clerk and treasurer for the last eight years. Last year she decided to throw her hat into the ring for city council and won beating John S. Jones, Jr. who had served on the city council for eight years.

Conley was sworn in on January 6. That night fellow city council members unanimously elected her as mayor.

"I feel honored that the city council had confidence in my ability to run a city council meeting and generally represent the city of Monticello," Conley says.

Fellow council member Gerald Austin says Conley was the most qualified candidate for the mayoral position.

"During the times I've been in the community, before I became into politics she's always been working with me helping the out, so it will be a pleasure having her in the key position we can do a lot more," Austin says.

Conley has been the talk of the town and residents are thrilled at the idea of having its first woman mayor.

"I think that women can do a good job as long as they do a good job whether they're male or female that they should have a right to be in a position like that,” says Lola Moulton.

"We've never had a female before. This lady does a really good job, she does a lot for the city of Monticello area and I'm very proud of her," adds Hazel Hood.

On February 6, Conley will preside over her first meeting as mayor. She is the fourth woman to serve as a city council member.