The FCAT Countdown

Schools across the district are hitting the books preparing kids for the big day. It’s that time of year again when four letters make their way into classrooms across the sunshine state, better known as the FCAT.

"When I came on board they were so excited about going from a D school to a B, but we want to enhance even more," says Lawrence Knight from Riley Elementary.

With a little more than two weeks to go until the test are handed out, teachers say every minute counts even those after the school bell rings. That's where Riley's extended day program comes in, taking lessons learned in the classroom a bit farther.

"It gives kids that who need extra tutoring the regular day doesn't allow," says Principal Mary Allen.

But how do you keep kids motivated after spending eight hours in a classroom? Since the program began, it’s more than doubled in size school leaders hope that means once the test is over and the pencils go down, the grades will go up.

One dozen teachers volunteer with the program. As for the students, when the child gets to the program, their teacher has identified a list of things they may need a little extra help with.

The program is funded through a title one grant for the next five years.