Suspicious Package Update

This was an act that called law enforcement agencies across the area into full force.

Thursday evening capitol police officials wouldn't tell us this man's name, but they say he's been known to leave packages full of clothing near important buildings like Gov. Bush's mansion and even the Florida capitol.

On Friday, capitol police officials weren't available for comment on camera, but in a statement they say an arrest has never been made because the man is not committing a crime.

“I think he should be fined for it, because there is no reason why the police should have to get involved," says Melissa Maro.

At the Governor's Mansion was a suspicious box full of clothing; officials with the Capitol City Police say if someone leaves that box sitting there, they’re not committing a crime. It would only be a crime if what was inside the box was hazardous, but residents say if leaving a box like that isn't a crime, why spend tax payer dollars by rounding up dozens of law enforcement officers.

"Every time the police have to come out, bomb detection, or what ever they have to bring out for these boxes, that's costing me money that's completely unnecessary just because this guy feels like he wants to drop off some clothes. So I think he should be put a stop to," Albert Willis says.

"We do live in a time where anything could be possible and I would agree the he should be fined, to at least recoup the cost, that he costing the government to go out and take care of it," adds Gary Hansen.

A capitol police spokesperson says although no arrests are made, when the packages are left, their procedure is to always treat every unattended package with caution.