Campus Crime Prevention

You lock your door, walk away from your car, clutch your purse tight, but leave the rest of your valuables behind. That's when a thief can step in, and right now that's one of the hottest crimes on campus.

A visitor to FSU, Frank Rainer said, "I'm pretty naturally cautious. I lock the car, don't leave anything in the body of the car, put everything in the trunk."

Angela Knapp, a cautious student said, "Actually I was just talking about it, that's why I just put my purse in the trunk."

But what Frank and Angela don't know is they are both parked in one of the campus "Hot Zones". Information on FSU's own website shows a map that proves that within the past week this parking lot near the softball field has played host to five burglaries.

The police compile the information every week to help students stay aware of crime trends. For more information on the campus "Hot Spots" go to FSU's website at