Missing Boater

A missing boater has been found dead after drowning in the Ochlocknee River. Witnesses say the victim knew how to swim, so what happened?

Divers searched most of the night for the missing boater. Thirty-six-year-old Kinawana Gibbs had gone fishing with a friend, but shortly after 5 p.m. something went wrong. Witnesses say Gibbs was moving around, that maybe a seat came loose and he fell into the water. We're told about 40 minutes later police were called.

"Around quarter to 6, 6 o’clock Gadsden or the Leon County Sheriff's Office both received a call of a person that had fallen out of the boat on the Ochlocknee River and was unable to make contact with the person that had fallen into the river," said Lt. William Fair.

The two men were about a quarter of a mile away from the landing. No toxicology reports yet but a case of beer found in the boat may lead to questions of whether or not alcohol was involved. Right now there's no way to know for sure if the two were drinking while they were on the waterway, but people here say they wouldn't be surprised. Just look around and you can see the beer bottles strewn about. By looking at the bobber inside the beer bottle you can see very often fishing and drinking go hand in hand.

“I've seen people drinking and fishing and everything but me, myself, no. I think it's kinda bad myself,” said Robert Harrison, a local fisherman.

Gibbs' friend, Fredrick Washington, admits Gibbs consumed about three or four beers. Washington also says he did not know how to swim, but that the victim did. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday. Investigators report the victim, Kinawana Gibbs, was not wearing a life vest.