Inmates, Residents Question Grady Jail Conditions

The Grady County Detention Center has been run under new management since October of 2002 because of complaints of poor conditions from inmates and Grady County residents.

Now, in a letter dated January 13, 2004 to Eyewitness News, an inmate writes:

“The showers are moldy with bugs coming out of the drains, there's one working toilet and one shower with hot water, 24 people held in one cell, and inmates' illnesses go untreated.”

Joey Daniels, a Grady County resident, says, "There needs to be an investigation they need to find out what's going on and see. These people even though they're incarcerated they have rights too."

Jail administrator Scott Newberry did not want speak on camera, but said on the phone "there is no dignified answer to the complaints. There are certain inmates who want to start trouble. We have had a grand jury look at the jail and we have followed their orders."

"I really think they should look into it, small town like this, it should be better conditions than that in the jail house,” says Eric Walden, a Grady County resident.

Grady County's administrator says the jail's conditions are constantly inspected. Residents say they've heard of the conditions in the jail before and they hope the recent allegations are taken seriously and addressed by officials.

Eyewitness News was unable to get in contact with Sheriff Snooks Green about whether the complaints will be investigated.