Bank Scam Foiled

While the Tallahassee banks didn't fall for his "get rich quick" scheme. He hasn't been found or arrested.

Wakulla Bank was just one of eight banks in town, on the financial hit list of 42-year-old Viet Nhu Bui. Detectives say he would open accounts, deposit phony checks and then try to withdraw the money.

LCSO Detective Brian Balser said, “as soon as the bank gave him credit for the money, which is normally 3 to 5 business days, he would make attempts to confirm that the money was in the bank and try to remove it.”

The bogus checks tally more than $100,000, since December. Bankers started becoming suspicious and alerting each other as part of an anti-fraud network.

Wayne Poppell, Capital City Bank, said, “the quicker you can get to it, the quicker you can place holds on those accounts so when the client comes back in to take money out, they're unable to.”

Viet Nhu Bui's last known address was at the meridian place apartments, but detectives can't find him there now.

They say he has at least three accomplices in town and fear he may have moved on to try this trick somewhere else. LCSO Detective Brian Balser, said, “I think he might have been discouraged that Tallahassee wasn't a victim. However, this man to the best of my knowledge, started in California and most likely has worked his way across the country.”

Bui, as his id card suggests, is originally from California. Detectives are now checking, along with help from the secret service - to see if he's committed similar bank scams in other states.