Local Newspaper Celebrates 100 Years

The Cairo community is now picking up the 5,200 and first issue of the Cairo Messenger, marking the paper's 100th anniversary. Bert Wind, part of five generations of family ownership, says he's proud the business has stood the test of time.

"We think it's pretty impressive and we've constantly made an effort to serve the community and not a lot of time dwelling on the business aspect of running a newspaper in this kind of community," says Bert.

The Cairo Messenger has come a long way since its first edition in 1904. Not only has its layout changed, but it' circulation has gone from less than 100 to more than 6,500.

"Over the years everything has changed it's not anything like it used to be," says 20-year employee Dorothy Dixon.

Dorothy Dixon has worked with the paper for more than 20 years and remembers when the messenger didn't even have a printing press, and now a job that once took weeks to do, only takes hours.

"It's nice to know that our family has been able to maintain at least this part of the community for so long," adds Bert Wind.

Bert Wind says Cairo can continue to count on the messenger for its local news for years to come. This fifth generation of family owners is noted for implementing the papers.