Tallahassee's Future Discussed at Meeting

Dozens of Leon County community leaders are putting their heads together to do just that. In a series of what they are calling "Horizon Project meetings", Tallahassee residents sat down to talk about any opportunity or challenges their city may face as it expands and changes with the times.

Wednesday's meeting was an open discussion, and as soon as ideas are brought to the table, so were the methods of carrying them out. From its universities to its main streets, the city of Tallahassee is a multi-faceted community, and it is constantly evolving.

“What we have to do is think about what we want to be when we grow up as the community changes," says Jeff Wahlen of the Leon County Chamber of Commerce.

Merging the city police department and county sheriff's office and balancing the quality of life on the north and south sides of town are among dozens of ideas being discussed, as well as how to put plans into place in an uncertain financial situation.

Community leaders say the key to achieving these goals is working together. Then, they say five years down the road Tallahassee may be where they want it to be.

"I want to see a community that's as safe as it can possibly be and that we can afford to pay our taxes and we don't have a competitive form of government," says Sheriff Larry Campbell.

Charles Evans, president of Tallahassee NAACP, says, "I want to see opportunities so when an individual comes to town they'll see the same buildings on the South Side they'd see on the North Side."

A list of opportunities and challenges the city faces has now been discussed. Next on the agenda? Following through with those plans.

Wednesday was the second of two Horizon Project meetings. The first was January 8. The Horizon Project was set up to put things in motion, and hopefully over the next few months, plans will become more solid.