Elections Lawsuit Ruling

The citizens group suing them is thrilled with the outcome. By recommendation of the city attorney, the city commission is not going to look for an appeal. The case deals with when city commission elections would take place, and how the question on the upcoming ballot is worded.

The Citizens for Consolidated Elections have won the case against the city of Tallahassee.

"This proves you can fight City Hall and win. The citizens of Tallahassee are one step forward to making more votes count," says Anita Davis.

“The principal that the people's will is paramount has been up held. The language from the petition will be on the March 9th ballot," says Ion Sancho.

The citizens want to see the city elections take place in the fall with all other elections. They say it will save taxpayers plenty of money, and more people will be out to vote.

"Any time you can save money for the people with any initiative and get more voters, it matters to the citizens."

The city says there were mistakes in the ballot wording.

"My recommendation is we don't appeal. We do as the judge directed and let the process continue with the March election," says Jim English.

The city commissioners agreed, and soon voters will see the ballot as the citizen's group wanted it to be. Those seats are held by commissioners Gillum and Mustian.

If the public votes to see one election in the fall, then those seats will be up for vote this November, if not, those two commissioners’ terms will be extended until 2005.