Learning Center for the Disabled Opens at FSU

Thursday the doors of a high tech learning center for the disabled were opened. Coordinators say the cutting edge technology translates into independence.

Forget the frustrations of viruses or slow working computers. Users of these devices are just happy to see or hear what everyone else does.

Thursday FSU unveiled its assistive technology center, armed with everything from Braille software to electronic magnifiers.

Evans and other members of the blind or visually impaired community can use the facility as well as students, and since its housed in the college of education, center directors say it will put FSU grads on the front lines to help others in need.

“The future teachers that leave here, will teach technology to students. They can be assured they know how to assess a client properly,” says Catherine O'Farrell, center director.

There are also products in the center designed for people with other disabilities.

For more information or if you'd like to volunteer, call 644-0777.