New Jobs at Nestle Waters

Nestle Waters North America is slated to be up and running in Madison in the next month. So far more than 50 Big Bend residents have been hired to do the job. People from as far away as Hamilton County are now employed by Nestle. Some of these people say they've been searching for jobs that provide great benefits and a decent salary.

Shaquitha Lott is a single mother of two and a part-time student. She is one the more than 50 Big Bend residents now employed by Nestle Waters North America.

"It's a great opportunity for me because here in Madison it's really hard to make good money and I'm so happy to be a part of it," says Shaquitha.

Lott and several of her co-workers are busy learning the in's and out's of the machines before the first batch of water is distributed next month.

The company's plant manager says he's been pleased with how much these new employees have grasped during their training period.

"Our industry and company is growing. The folks that have joined us we should be able to provide them with a good steady job and the facility has 44 employees and we expect that we'll grow to 250 employees by the time the company gets up and running," says Rob Fisher.

Prior to nestle opening its doors, several of these employees were either working part time or seeking employment. They say with jobs scarce in rural areas they're grateful nestle has given them an opportunity to work at the plant.

"It's a great opportunity for be because here in Madison it’s really hard to make good money and I'm so glad," says Melissa Scardino.

"Hamilton County there's not a lot of jobs there just PCS that's basically it. The prison after that you just have to get jobs. I'm just excited about being here," says Michael Morgan.

Right now the average salary for employees is $27,000, and benefits include 401K, medical, dental and vision coverage.