City Pay Raises Out

The commission itself shot down the recommendation for a pay raise. Given talk of tax hikes, this was a controversial proposal.

There was some confusion about who made the suggestion for the commission to receive a pay raise. The city commission wants to set the record straight that it was not them. They say it was the Charter Review Board.

The Carter Review Bard says they reviewed the paychecks and suggested to the commission that a raise was in order. However, the commission disagrees.

"We also concluded that tying in the City pay with the County pay is a foolish idea. In the future, City pay raises should be considered on their own merits,” says Commissioner Allen Katz.

Commissioner Katz says that even if the commission had decided they needed a pay raise, it's the voters who have the final say as written in the city charter.

The mayor makes about $64,000, and other commissioners are paid slightly more than $32,000.