Lieutenant Governor Stops in Thomasville

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A light-hearted breakfast followed by some tough questions. Residents of Thomas, Grady, and surrounding counties spent their Saturday expressing concerns to Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle.
Ryan Lee, a Grady County resident shares his thoughts, "The Lieutenant Governor started talking about his education initiatives. I had some issues that I thought might need to be addressed in that context."
The Lieutenant Governor addressing issues such as education and tax breaks... but the hottest dish on the plate... Senate Bill 173. The bill relates to pipeline companies' rights to acquire property by eminent domain. Talks of amending the current law has many residents up in arms.
Rozzie Davis, a concerned citizen says, "They are running around saying we've got to get more petroleum into Georgia, we have to have it by 2010. And we don't have enough time to go through the process that's on the buck. Why is that a bad thing? That they won't go through the process?"
Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle comments about Senate Bill 173, "As Georgia grows we've got to have an increased supply of fuel. But on the same token, we're not in favor of allowing a company like that to come in and take people's land without the fair proceedings to be in place."
No matter the issue, Georgia's first Republican Lieutenant Governor has a lot on his breakfast plate.