Florida Governor Crist has Ambitious Agenda for Legislative Session

Crist has vowed to bring down property tax rates, homeowners
insurance continues to be a concern and he has to pay for
constitutionally required class size limits at a time when the
budget has stopped growing.
If that's not enough, the governor has a long list of other
bills he wants past. At the top is the anti-murder bill, which
seeks to keep violent felons who violate probation behind bars.
Crist also wants to give 10 percent raises to the state's best
teachers, make sure that there's a paper trail for every vote and
permanently put into law sales tax holidays for school and
hurricane supplies.
Crist has already passed one test. He was widely praised by
Democrats and Republicans for the way he handled a January special session on homeowners insurance.
The governor says he thinks that's a good indicator on how the
regular session will go.