Boy Talks About Dog Attack

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Six-year-old Jackson Hampton lies in a hospital bed, but he's still managing to smile.

"I'm feeling good."

But deep down Jack's mother says her little boy is scarred both physically and mentally.

Underneath his bandages are a hundred stitches and multiple staples from a vicious dog attack. His mother, Mandy Hampton, says it happened in their front yard at the bus stop.

“The dog had wrapped his mouth completely around Jack's head and he chomped down, and it basically scalped Jack. It took most of his scalp off."

Thomas Tidwell, the man Jack knows as dad, helped Jack right after the incident.

"He was crying and shaking and there was a lot of blood everywhere. Just to look down and see the child's head open, and to try and figure out what was going on, I didn't know how to tell him he was going to be okay."

Jack spent time in the Intensive Care Unit at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Now he's on the road to recovery.

"I've been able to stand up and go to the bathroom all by myself, and walk around."

The family says this isn't the first time the 135-pound Bull Mastiff has bitten a child. Wakulla County Animal Control says the dog has been euthanized.

Jack's parents say he should be released from the hospital on Monday or Tuesday. Deputies at the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office say no charges have been filed. The incident is still under investigation.