FSU Celebrates Inegration at School's Heritage Day

Dozens of black alumni from the 1960s and 70s were at FSU to share the past and celebrate the future.

In the heart of FSU's campus a bronze statue stands strong to honor FSU's first African American students who integrated the university more than 40 years ago.

Black alumni traveled from hundreds of miles away to reflect on the first days of integration. Carmena Bostic was just one of three African American students in 1963.

The integration statue depicts the first African American student, the first athlete and first homecoming queen, Ms. Doby Flowers.

In a procession to the stage, alumni say its wonderful to know their efforts and struggles will be forever remembered.

Since the 1960s, FSU has gone from a student body of one African American to more than 4,500. Not including HBCU's, the university ranks 3rd nationwide in awarding bachelor degrees to African Americans.