South Georgia Horse Clinic Helps Soldiers With PTSD

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A South Georgia clinic designed to help soldiers cope with post-traumatic stress disorder is now up and running.

The Hopes and Dreams Horse Clinic in Brooks County held its first-ever retreat over the weekend.

16 soldiers who suffer from PTSD brought their families to the farm to ride, rope, and groom the horses.

Organizers say the interaction helps rehabilitate the troops.

"It had a really great impact on them and it had a really good impact on me to be able to help out my fellow veterans, to be able to share the trauma, to share stories, and to be able to care for other veterans and help them made me feel good," said Eddy DeAllaume, PTSD Horse Clinic Volunteer.

"A couple cases were really standoffish to us at first. But by Saturday afternoon, they were all over us. It was just a joy to see the smiles. A lot of them said the time stopped here for them. They didn't have a care in the world. And that's what we wanted," said Mike Randall, PTSD Horse Clinic Owner.

The soldiers that came are all stationed out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Randall hopes to eventually bring more troops to the clinic on a weekly basis.

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