Rape Arrest

Tallahassee police were able to cuff the man within 24 hours of the crime. He is now being held without bond at the Leon County Jail.

There is no answer at the Duval Street duplex where Miguel Sierra has lived for the past few months. The 23-year-old is accused of breaking into a woman's home while she was at work, and then attacking and raping her when she came home.

"There were knives involved, there was ligature involved where the victim was tied up to the bed, there were multiple sexual batteries, this was a violent situation," says TPD spokesman Stewart Clendinen.

Police say Miguel Sierra left plenty of fingerprints behind, but his biggest mistake may have been abandoning the victim's car in this church parking lot at the corner of 7th Avenue, just a stone's throw from his house.

"They were looking at a Jeep that was left in our parking lot and they began to ask me questions, 'Have you seen a Hispanic man, 5'10", moustache, goatee'? I told them no," says Mike Allan, Lakeview Baptist Church pastor.

This church parking lot is just two blocks from the Tallahassee Police Department. They were actually able to stop and question Mr. Sierra right up the street. Thursday, when this composite sketch was ready, that officer went back and tracked sierra down at his job. Officers took him into custody at the Jasmine Cafe downtown where the owner tells us he's worked washing dishes for the past three months.

Sierra now faces a full slate of charges, attempted murder, seven counts of sexual battery, armed burglary, false imprisonment and more in one of the most violent rapes in Tallahassee in recent memory.