Jesus' Bones Found?


A major pillar of the Christian faith is being called into question by a find in Jerusalem. The pillar in question is Jesus' bodily resurrection.

Claims in a new documentary produced by Oscar-winning director James Cameron have been met with derision by clergymen and archaeologists.

The documentary argues that 10 ancient small caskets discovered in 1980 may have contained the bones of Jesus and his family, according to a press release issued by the Discovery Channel.

The tomb bears names like Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and one of the caskets even bears the title, "Judah, son of Jesus," hinting that Jesus may have had a son.

One biblical anthropologist says it's all a con.

Joe Zias says the documentary's producers have tried in a very dishonest way to trick the public into believing that they've found the tomb of Jesus or Jesus' family.

Zias says it has nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus because he was known as Jesus of Nazareth, not Jesus of Jerusalem, and if the family was wealthy enough to afford a tomb, which they probably weren't it would have been in Nazareth, not in Jerusalem.

Zias says the names Jesus, Joseph and Mary are very common in that era.

"The Lost Tomb of Christ" will be shown on the International Discovery Channel.