PeachCare Running Out of Time

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The deadline is quickly approaching for Georgia's PeachCare Program. The program provides insurance for children of low income families, and it's set to run out of funding March 1.

Pamela Maddox has four children enrolled in the PeachCare Program and said," When they get sick, I have that to fall back on. I know that I can take my child to the doctor and they can be taken care of."

But that could soon change. Come March 1, the program will be out of funding unless the government steps in to help.

Tannisha Duncan commented on the deadline.

"They need to hurry up because March 1st is right around the corner. You know, if my kids were involved I would want them to hurry up because I'm a low income parent."

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle assures residents the state is doing everything it can to find funding for the PeachCare Program.

"We hope to find a solution in Washington but if Washington doesn't come through with their funding formula and the additional revenue that's needed, then we're going to have to find a solution."

One possible solution the lieutenant governor mentioned is raising premiums, but time is working against the program and the hundreds of thousands of children it insures.

The lieutenant governor added, "We're not waiting much longer. I mean, Tuesday is really the drop dead date."