Cheaper Fares at Valdosta Regional Airport

By Ben Wolf
February 26, 2007

The numbers are in, and flights out of Valdosta are becoming cheaper.

"You don't have to drive two hours to Jacksonville, three hours to Atlanta, two hours to Tallahassee," said airport manager Bob Holliway.

Airport officials compared ticket prices out of both Valdosta and Jacksonville to 13 major U.S. cities. Valdosta has narrowed the gap gradually between the two cities starting back in September of '06.

On January 8, Valdosta was $180 more expensive on average. Now, just seven weeks later, the average ticket price out of the Azalea City is $3 more than out of Jacksonville.

"To drive to Jacksonville and to park your car and go away for a couple of days, by the time you're done you're better off going out of here," said Lake Park, GA resident James Waterhouse.

In addition to free parking, Valdosta Regional allows locals to skip a long drive to other airports.

"That way I don't have to sit in the car for two hours to get back to Valdosta, since I was just on a plane for like seven hours!" said Heather Wine, who is visiting family in Valdosta.

Passengers are all for the cheaper tickets, but they all seem to have the same request.

"I'd like to see some competition here because you're only getting three or four flights a day," said Waterhouse.

"I'd like to see them get another airline in here so we can get a little competition," added Ron Fisher, who is visiting family in Valdosta.

Airport officials say that's something that could eventually happen later down the road.