Judge John Rudd Passes Away

Judge John Rudd Senior spent his life in Leon County. As a student at Leon High School and Florida State University, then as a circuit court judge for the State of Florida. Rudd died Thursday.

Sunday, at Indian Springs Baptist Church, family and friends remembered Rudd. Rudd spent 12 years on the second judicial circuit of Florida as an administrative judge. Rudd was remembered by colleagues as tough, but always fair.

Friend Tony Bajoczky said, "I think that judge Rudd had a strong conviction of what he thought was right and wrong and the politics moved around on the outside, but he had a core to him that did not change as to being a judge."

The service was so full they had to send people to a separate building to watch on closed circuit television.

Rudd was 80 years old at the time of his death and survived by his wife and three children.