Changing Sales Tax Laws?

Florida is losing as much as $1 billion in lost sales taxes that are already due, but few are paying. Pending legislation at the state capitol would align the state with 30 other states that have identical sales tax laws, and that alignment is the first step at collecting taxes from internet sales.

Shade McMillian owes the state of Florida back sales taxes and doesn't even know it. The cash is due from a purchase he made on the Internet.

Under existing state law, McMillian and everyone else who buys other wise taxable items over the Internet is supposed to fill out a DR 15 MO and send the tax due to the state.

Contrast McMillian with George Washington, who's never bought a thing from the Internet. Less than 2,000 forms paying the tax on Internet purchases were submitted all of last year, and many of them came from the same people who made multiple purchases.

State Sen. Skip Campbell thinks its unfair some pay and others don't. He wants to put the state sales tax system in sync with other states so a national Internet sales tax system could come to pass.

Florida retailers are also pushing the tax change, fearing competition from on line retailers. The change has run into trouble from no tax at any time conservatives, but this year, sponsors are suggesting collecting Internet sales taxes could raise enough cash to lower everyone's tax rate.