In the Mail

Ballots for Florida's March 9 presidential primary should be in the mail to Leon County residents by Tuesday, but if you don't vote by mail, you might want to clear out some extra time come election day.

Those ballots just got to the supervisor of elections office Monday. The ballots couldn't be printed because of the fight over the wording of a city of Tallahassee referendum, but that's all been settled. The ballots are being stuffed into envelopes and there are a couple of things the supervisor wants voters to know.

The right to vote was not "given" to Americans. It was something many fought for. Now, the Leon County supervisor of elections office is doing what it can to make sure practicing the right to vote is as convenient as possible.

"All voters are eligible to vote by mail. It's easy, all you need to do is contact our offices," says Janet Olin.

When it comes to the March 9 presidential preference primary, there's something voters in the city of Tallahassee need to know.

"Because the City of Tallahassee place a referendum on the March 9th ballot, all registered voters in the City can vote on that referendum," says Ion Sancho.

The ballots are finally in and depending on where and how you are registered to vote, this is how your ballot will look.

"Within the city of Tallahassee, everyone may vote on the referendum, only registered Democrats can vote outside the City limits in the Presidential Primary," adds Sancho.

The city referendum deals with when the city elections would take place. Right now, they are separate from the rest, and there is a citizen's coalition working to see the city elections coincide with the fall elections.

If you opt to vote by mail, the ballot has to be in the day of the election.

If you are interested in getting more information, please contact the Supervisor of Elections at (850) 488-1350.

Check out their website at