Reward for Help in Apalachicola Murder Probe

Signs say it all; $2,500 to anyone with information that could lead to Leslie Oswalt's killer or killers. The 27-year-old went missing last June. Four months later, her badly decomposed remains turned up in an alley, shocking many residents in the quiet fishing town.

A murder mystery is causing lips to be sealed in Apalachicola. The close-knit community knows a murder took place behind this shack nearby, but residents remain hush-hush, fearful of a suspected killer on the loose.

Residents say a local wouldn't have committed such a crime. The community's personable image is tainted by a murder probe.

FDLE and police want answers and both are turning to rewards for results. Twenty-seven-year-old Leslie Oswalt was last seen in Apalachicola June 16. Four months later- her body was found in an alley way known for its drug activity.

Officers fear drugs are what's keeping some folks from speaking up, and that's what investigators are hoping for. Once again, any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of Oswalt's killer will be awarded $2,500.

Both FDLE and Apalachicola police say it's difficult to gather evidence when the remains were found months after Oswalt was killed.