Obesity: A Community Searching for Solutions

WCTV is teaming up with Leon County school leaders and others to put the issue on the table at a Town Hall meeting later this week.

We've brought back an old friend, Tony Whitehurst, for a series of special reports this week entitled, "Obesity: A Community Looking for Solutions."

Obesity is a community problem with many complex issues. School officials are making efforts to help students keep the weight off. That's why Roberts Elementary School students are using pedometers to help them exercise.

"Being healthy is good, if asked, it's good to say yes I'm really healthy," says Cynthia Giordano,

Some students feel the pedometers can even save lives.

"People are dying because they're not getting enough exercise and having good health,” Shantavia Hayes says.

If we can get them early it can affect the rest of their lives,” adds Aurie Cox.

"The question is will they become senior citizens, the life expectancy of these kids will be shorter than their parents for the first time ever," says Nancy Cox.

Hundreds of pedometers have been donated to Leon County schools by Capital Health Plan. The obesity Town Hall meeting is Thursday, 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.