Delinquent Tax Payers Website

It's a part of a campaign in Georgia to collect the state's past due taxes.

Thomas County's clerk of courts says there's up to 15 state tax liens filed against folks in Thomas County per month. He says notifying them of the liens usually gets their attention.

"It is an effective way of collecting those taxes and of course it goes on a person's credit report. So it's desirable to have those cleared up," says David Hutchings.

However, liens aren't enough for some. Next week, the Georgia Department of Revenue will post a list of thousands of tax delinquents online, including people and businesses, all owing billions in state income and other taxes.

In the past there's been a local listing of folks who haven't paid county taxes, and officials say it has been effective here. Now a statewide website for other taxes may do the same.

"I think some who don't want to be humiliated and don't want to have their name in full view would probably pay their taxes, others probably won't care one way or the other," Suzanne Hall says.

"Perhaps the publicity of having someone’s name on there might be an incentive," adds David Hutchings.

State officials say they hope the website is effective and gains public attention. In turn allowing the state to collect millions of dollars in past due debts.

The website will start February 9 and will list the name, the amount owed and the county where the person lives.